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  “We romanticize someone when we are bored”- the unwanted words of wisdom coming from the mouth of the young Dutch boy, who desperately wanted to become a man. If the Russian shot me tonight, I’d be no longer real. The two obese kids will eat me alive and I’ll be no longer real. Give me five minutes. Are you going to shed a tear… or maybe even two? The last time you cried was last summer. The gypsy with blue hair, I saw her in my dream. A self-prophecy to good fortune. Perhaps. Throwing up dollar bills. Look at this boy on the stage, selling himself for a dime of filthy fame. The Hungarian prostitute gracefully lifts up her leg, discretely preparing you for the price you will pay. I was puking for a day and a half. Back to the place where we both existed. Now, we are no longer real for one another. There is no certainty of what really happened. The provoked physical sensation will lead us to the past, twisted reality and decaying memories.
  The protagonists, who are consciously portrayed in the works, are captured in the time being of their existence in Dimova’s life. This experience will patch and revive the moments buried deep down in the core memory. From the use of torn fabrics to the depiction of (un)familiar faces, ‘Capitalizing on my Love for You’ is perpetuating the relationships with other individuals and one’s self, seeking truths and forgiveness.


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